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Forestville Water District

Mission Statement:

​"The Forestville Water District is committed to professionally managing the precious water, sewer and recycled water resources in a reliable, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner in order to provide the finest service to our customers, both present and future."

Vision Statement:

​" To maintain definitive policies and practices, including rate and fee structure that will ensure our long-term financial stability, while remaining sensitive to our customer needs; 

Maintain and improve the efficiency, reliability and security of District facilities;

Ensure adequate storage and distribution for our customer's current and future needs;

​Sustain wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and water recycling to meet regulatory requirements and community demands while providing for a healthy natural  environment;

Continue to work with other Sonoma county agencies to implement opportunities for cooperation and collaboration:

​Maintain a highly qualified, motivated, environmentally conscious and innovative workforce to ensure a high performing organization and;

​Enhance our public information, education and outreach to ensure public awareness of issues of importance to the community that we serve."

     The Forestville Water District is a special district of the state of California, located in western Sonoma County.  The District provides: Potable (drinking) water storage and delivery, wastewater collection and treatment and recycled water for irrigation.  The District covers approximately 5 square miles and serves about 3000 customers.  We have nearly 1000 water accounts and about 400 of those are water & sewer accounts.​

​     The District is governed by five elected Directors that volunteer their time and serve four year terms.  Each year, one Director is selected to serve as the President of the Board who presides over meetings and casts tie-breaking votes when needed.  The Directors set policy and direction for the District to establish and maintain services to the citizens of Forestville.

​     The District maintains a staff of five full time employees.  The administrative side consists of and office manager and a billing clerk.  The operations side consists of two utility operators.  Each of them is certified as water distribution and water treatment by the California Department of Public Health, and wastewater treatment operators certified by the State Water Resources Control Board.  The final staff member is the General Manager who has overall responsibility for the management of the administrative and operational divisions and for the implementation of Board direction.  The General Manager is also certified in water treatment, distribution and wastewater treatment.  This position is designated as the Chief Plant Operator for the District as required by the State of California.