Forestville Water District

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​     The Forestville Water District serves the Central Forestville Area and Mirabel Heights.  The District encompasses approximately 5 square miles with a population of 3200.

​     The District's Wastewater Treatment Reclamation and Disposal plant receives wastewater through 450 service connections with a population of 1400 people.  The plant treats about 45,000,000 gallons per year to tertiary standards.  The treated water is then either discharged into Jones Creek or Reclaimed for beneficial re-use.

​     The District provides potable water to customers through 1000 service connections ranging in size from 5/8" to 4".  The District distributes about 110,000,000 gallons of water per year to both residential and commercial customers 

​     The Reclamation system provides about 25,000,000 gallons of tertiary Title-22 reclaimed water per year to vineyards, commercial businesses, parks, schools and private residences.