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About Forestville Water District

The Forestville Water District (FWD) is a special district of the state of California, located in western Sonoma County. The District covers approximately 5 square miles and serves about 3000 customers in Central Forestville and Mirabel Heights areas. 

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The District provides: storage and delivery of Potable (drinking) water purchased from Sonoma Water. The District provides potable water to customers through 1000 service connections ranging in size from 5/8" to 4".  The District distributes about 110,000,000 gallons of water per year to both residential and commercial customers.    

The District's Wastewater Treatment Reclamation and Disposal plant receives wastewater through 450 service connections with a population of 1400 people.  The plant treats about 45,000,000 gallons per year to tertiary standards.  The treated water is then either discharged into Jones Creek or reclaimed for beneficial re-use.

The Reclamation system provides about 25,000,000 gallons of tertiary Title-22 reclaimed water per year to vineyards, commercial businesses, parks, schools and private residences to use as irrigation water for landscaping & agriculture.  

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 The District maintains a staff of six full-time employees.  The administrative side consists of two administration staff.  The operations side consists of three utility operators.  Each of them is certified as water distribution and water treatment by the California Department of Public Health, and wastewater treatment operators certified by the State Water Resources Control Board.   

The General Manager has overall responsibility for the management of the administrative and operational divisions and for the implementation of the Board's direction.  The General Manager is also certified in water treatment, distribution and wastewater treatment.  This position is designated as the Chief Plant Operator for the District as required by the State of California.