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Q. When does my water bill come out and when are they due? 

A. Water bills are sent out every OTHER month.  Meters are read on the "EVEN" months (February, April, June, August, October, and December). Bills are due on or before the 25th day of the following "ODD" months (January, March, May, July, September, and November). Late Notices will be sent on the next business day following the 25th. The date of termination of service (approximately 60 (sixty) days after the original due date) will be indicated on the Final Notice. Bills not paid by the 25th due date will accrue a $10 (ten dollars) Late Fee.   Bills that remain past due over 15 (fifteen) days after the 25th will accrue an additional $10 (ten dollars) Late Fee to the account. If service has been interrupted for non-payment, there is a $50 (fifty dollars) Re-connection Fee which will need to be paid along with the full balance due on the account before service is reconnected. If you need extra time to pay, contact our office BEFORE the 25th to make payment arrangements.  

Q. How is my water bill calculated? 

A. Water bills are determined by the size of your meter and the number of gallons used during the billing period. For example: For a customer that has a 5/8" meter, the minimum charge is $81.30 for a billing period (two months) which includes up to 10,000 gallons (5,000/month) of water. For water used in excess of 10,000 gallons, the charge is $8.13 per 1,000 gallons.  Rates for water service are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.  

Q. How are my sewer charges calculated? 

A. Your annual sewer direct charges are based on up to four factors:

  1. Annual fixed charge - Based on water meter size per property.
  2. Annual usage charges - Based on water use by property during bi-monthly billing periods of November/December + January/February each year.
  3. Debt service charge - Per property for repayment of debt for construction of the sewer system. 
  4. High strength surcharge - For commercial/industrial uses whose wastewater strengths exceed threshold values for influent loading to the treatment plant.
Q. When does my sewer bill come out? 

A. Annual sewer charges are included on the property tax bill from Sonoma County and are paid along with your tax bill.

Q. How do I qualify for a leak adjustment 

 A. FWD allows one monetary adjustment to a customer's water/sewer bill due to a water leak every 7 years. To qualify for a leak adjustment the leak must be repaired within 3 days of becoming aware of the leak and the leak is not due to negligence (see Ordinance 75 for further details) of the property owner. Proof of repair must be submitted along with a Leak Adjustment Request. Call the District Office at (707) 887-1551 or email [email protected] to obtain the Leak Adjustment Request. PLEASE DO NOT SHUT OFF YOUR WATER AT THE MAIN! Penal code section 498: Only authorized FWD personnel can turn on/off the main meter.  After hours emergencies, call the same number and selection prompt #1 for our on-call staff.  SEWER CUSTOMERS - High water usage can lead to higher Sewer Direct Charges. If you discover a leak please contact the District Office immediately.

Q. What do I do if I have a water or sewer problem? 

A. First, make sure that you and those around you are safe then call our office at (707) 887-1551.  During business hours staff will take down the relevant information and send an operator to assist.  After hours, call the number above and select prompt #1 for our on-call staff.  


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