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Waste Water (Sewer) Service

May contain: gravel, road, water, and outdoors

The District's Wastewater Treatment Reclamation and Disposal plant receives wastewater through 450 service connections with a population of 1400 people.  The plant treats about 45,000,000 gallons per year to tertiary standards.  The treated water is then either discharged into Jones Creek or reclaimed for beneficial re-use.

Sewer Direct Charges

Ord. 79 Sewer rates & Connection fees FY 23-24.pdf

SEWER CUSTOMERS - High water usage can lead to higher Sewer Direct Charges. If you discover a leak please contact the District Office immediately.

Q. How are my sewer charges calculated? 

A. Your annual sewer direct charges are based on up to four factors:

  1. Annual fixed charge - Based on water meter size per property.
  2. Annual usage charges - Based on water use by property during bi-monthly billing periods of November/December + January/February each year.
  3. Debt service charge - Per property for repayment of debt for construction of the sewer system. 
  4. High strength surcharge - For commercial/industrial uses whose wastewater strengths exceed threshold values for influent loading to the treatment plant.
Q. When does my sewer bill come out? 

A. Annual sewer charges are included on the property tax bill from Sonoma County and are paid along with your tax bill.

Q. What do I do if I have a water or sewer problem? 

A. First, make sure that you and those around you are safe then call our office at (707) 887-1551.  During business hours staff will take down the relevant information and send an operator to assist.  After hours, call the number above and select prompt #1 for our on-call staff.