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The District maintains a staff of six full-time employees. 

The General Manager has overall responsibility for the management of the administrative and operational divisions and the implementation of the Board's direction. This position is designated as the Chief Plant Operator for the District as required by the State of California. The General Manager is also certified in water treatment, distribution, and wastewater treatment. 

The administrative side consists of two administration staff, who wear hats for many different roles, from Customer Service to ensure the daily office processes run smoothly, along with providing support to the Board of Directors and the General Manager and assisting staff with payroll and benefits.

The operations side consists of three maintenance workers. Each is certified as water distribution by the California Department of Public Health, and wastewater treatment operators are certified by the State Water Resources Control Board.  

Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in a reliable, fiscally responsible manner. You can contact the District Staff at 707-887-1551 or