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Become a Board Member

Instructions for November 8, 2022, election:

Nominations open on July 18th and will close on August 12th unless one of the incumbent(s) do not file and then there will be a 5 day extension for anyone other than the incumbent which is August 17th, 2022. 

What you will need to do…

  • Decide if you are going to do the optional Statement of Qualifications.  (200 word statement). 

(SOQ prices will be available closer to the opening of Nominations)

  • You should think about how you want your name to appear on the ballot and what you would want to use for a ballot designation. 

(Ballot Designation: 3 words or less to describe your primary occupation or vocation.) 

(Check the “Candidate Box and put the Election Year” on the Cover sheet and fill out any schedules that apply.)

  • Campaign Statements

            a. Do NOT plan on raising or spending any money - 470 Form

            b. Plan on spending up to $1,999 - 470 & 501 Form

            c. Plan on spending OVER $2,000  - 410 & 501 Form

(All forms can be found here:

  • Declaration of Candidacy

(You will complete this final document when you come into our office to complete your nomination paperwork)




What you will fill out when you go to Registrar of Voter’s office (435 Fiscal Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403):

  1. Fill out “Candidates Folder”: a.       Basic Information: Name/Address/Write: How you want your Name on Ballot/Ballot Designation.
  2. Ballot Designation Worksheet: a.       Basic Information: Name/Address/Ballot Designation & Justification for Ballot Designation.
  3. Campaign Statements: (you will fill out according to how much money you plan on spending to campaign)a.       Do NOT plan on raising or spending any money - 470 Formb.       Plan on spending up to $1,999 - 460 & 501 Formc.       Plan on spending $2,000 or more - 410 & 501 Form
  4. Statement of Economics (700 Form): a.       Basic Information: Name/Address/Office your running for...b.       If you have any businesses or investments within the district you are running for you may have to complete additional schedules.
  5. Declaration of Candidacy:a.       Using the information given on previous forms Registrar creates an overview/summary page, where the candidate will initial & sign that information shown is correct.b.       When that is all complete you will take your Oath of Office.

Every candidate who runs will be offered a handbook that will have all the information they will need about running for office and campaigning.