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Consumer Confidence Reports

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also known as an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, provides essential information to consumers about the quality of their drinking water. Here are the key points:

  • Purpose: The CCR informs consumers about the safety and quality of their tap water.
  • Content:
    • Summary of Contamination Risks: Details potential sources of contamination for the local water supply.
    • Regulated Contaminants: Lists specific contaminants found in the water.
    • Health Effects: Describes health effects related to any contaminant exceeding EPA health standards.
    • Actions Taken: Explains efforts to restore safe drinking water.
    • Educational Statements: Provides guidance for vulnerable populations (e.g., avoiding Cryptosporidium) and educates on lead, nitrates, and arsenic.
  • Frequency: Issued annually by water providers.
  • Access
    • Either call 707-887-1151 or email & request to either
      • Mail a copy to you.
      • Email a copy to you.
    • Pick-up a copy: 6530 Mirabel Rd. Forestville, CA
    • Online: Select which year below to view &/or download


    2023 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf2022 Consumer Confidence Report.pdfCCR 2021 Forestville Water District.pdfCCR 2020.pdfCCR 2019 Forestville Water District.pdfCCR 2018 TL 8.15.19.pdf