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State of Emergency - Drought

On May 9, 2016, Governor Brown issued Executive Order B-37-16 (“Executive Order”), entitled Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life, wherein he permanently prohibited the following water waste actions:

  1. Hosing off sidewalks, driveways and other hardscapes except as needed for construction or health and safety purposes (such as, but not limited to, dust control, fire suppression and removing pathogenic waste);
  2. Washing automobiles with hoses not equipped with a shut-off nozzle;
  3. Using non-recirculated water in a fountain or other decorative water feature; and
  4. Watering lawns in a manner that causes runoff, or within forty eight (48) hours after measurable precipitation.

During the drought, it is essential that the following measures be followed to help conserve the community's precious drinking water resource.

Ord. 78 Drought - Amend Ord. 16 (adopted 5.11.21).pdfRes #409 Notice of Adoption.pdf
Drought, water conservation kit

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